La quĂȘte du vote chinois

An interesting documentary about a place in Canada where the Chinese vote counts.

Related: I still can't get over the fact that two Asians are challenging leaders of the political parties running in Montreal. Interpret it like you want, but I think the controversy (interviews of concerned parties in French) is just plain embarassing for the candidate and the BQ (and the community, yo). Not that she had a hint of a chance against Paul Martin.

My take on the ethnic vote is that the sovereigntist learn from their (Jacques Parizeau's) 1995 mistake, and that their strategy is working (from 5% support of cultural communities in 1997-98, to 25-35% among younger people). And that immigrants seek stability in what seemed to be a stable country to have emigrated to. Separation, what the sovereigntists ultimately seek, is a direct contradiction with that stability. My father says, he emigrated to "Canada". I think I like Quebec, everything that's French, but breaking it up from the rest of Canada is not worth it. It's not as if someone in the relationship is being exploited so bad that you need to call for a divorce. So I disagree, and if Canada breaks up, and it could well happen in the next 5-10 years (with the expected election of the PQ in the next provincial election probably in 2007), I wouldn't know what to do, where to go - b/c I am no more attached to Quebec, Montreal, than I am from The Rest of Canada. It's not as if I'd be happier living in Toronto or Vancouver, if one day it wasn't in the same country as Montreal. So going back to China, like HK, melt back into the country my grandparents left for a better life? (Was it actually that hard for them to leave China than it would be for me to try and reintegrate it? So much hypothetical beyond-my-own-life talk/think...)


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