La Paryse

Went with S to calm craving for a hamburger&fries&beer meal, and chose La Paryse, arguably the best in its genre in Montreal, and voted best by Montrealers. The meat is what's important. Ground beef, the right texture, not too dry-McDonald's-ish, but also not too fake-meat-patty-a-la-BK. In any case, this stuff is beyond the league of fast-food, but for 10-15$ tips and taxes counted, one can say it's a restaurant outing well worth it (by the poor student budget's perspective). I really should've had the double burger with bacon. So this was "La Paryse", on Ontario, a short walk westward from St-Denis, right across the corner where the Vieux-Montreal cegep is (and then, I remember that on the same corner, there was that hats & apparel shop someone mentionned to me a few years ago and which I should've checked if I really wanted to get that hat of mine...).


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