Brokeback Mountain

What a depressing film. Blah.

Other notes about the movie, or relating to it... The languages I can speak proficiently don't follow the same order as the languages I've learnt during my life. Cantonese was the first thing I "spoke", then I went to preschool in English, before doing the rest of my schooling, 5 til 18, in French (and university in English). And for one thing, midwest accents sound like total gibberish to me, probably just like Le Français des Cités sounds like gibberish to those semi-bilingual Montreal Anglos (who can write, read, but will miss a few there when you slang it up in everyday talk). And the "English" of the American Heartland must work very hard before it registered. And how does an Australian actor manages to pull it off so seemingly authentically... (Do you just mumble instead of speaking?)


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