Exercising will be a useless thing if I keep on going to places serving cheese fondue. It was too pricey, and too loud. I suppose you would like it if you were 40 or above, and seeking quality time in couple after leaving the kids at your parents' home. But I guess I'm still not quite passed the age of feeling young and invincible. Piano and candlelights and Swiss chalet setting... I need some excitement! Some Mexican food! Carribean food! Middle Eastern food! Sunshine, not snow. Alpenhaus, still a fine (but overly pricey) place to eat Winter food, in a hidden caveau, on St-Marc, corner Ste-Cath, nearby the Concordia ghetto and its cheap Chinese eateries.

(On the other hand, per curiousity, I picked up a New Yorker (the Xmas issue) the day I went to see Brokeback Mountain, and have been keeping it in my strap bag ever since. Took it out tonight, and read the passage of the short story on a "B" character with his father in Acapulco, chilling, going to the beach, hanging out in bars - all to keep my mind warm, while freezing the exterior of my head waiting for the bus.)


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