Nervous tic

Quite a mundane thing to blog about, but I think I've developed a nervous tic (a facial grimace) which I seem to express, hopefully, only when I am by myself. Also, the propensity to bang my desk and randomly yell (again, when people nearby are busy with other things) has also increased in the past months. Intriguing behaviour...

Things to do in the coming year:
- Eat out somewhere nice for breakfast.
- Spend a night on Mount Royal (but not within the next three months :P).
- Take bunch of friends to an unusual group activity (like play frisbee in the park, have a few games of Laser Quest, Victorian 'cosplay' for the O-hanabi, go on a fishing trip).
- Oh yeah, build a snow fort in a cemetary (but apparently, that's been done last year).
- [More to be added as ideas come by]



gg said:

- ride every route on the STM
- play hippie and join the tam-tams on Sunday
- hikes up Mont-Royal (Mtl's highest point)
- learn diving at the pool at the Big O (Mtl's lowest point, I was told)

re your Swiss trip plans - I'm thinking of a trip sometime mid-May to end-Jun... CH sounds like a good idea!

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