At first, we wanted to go to a certain Pho place nearby Metro Place-Saint-Henri, ended up walking the block around the Polyvalente without finding any trace of it. And as Plan B, expecting the expectable, was thinking that Quatre Saisons Korean place, also near the metro, but it was closed (temporily, permanently, dunno). Then took on to walk on Notre-Dame (perhaps to try a grease pit?), all the way to Lionel-Groulx... and with Korean food in mind, decided to go to the Concordia ghetto, to that Arirang restaurant on Ste-Cath.

I had the beef bibim bap, rice with beef and lots of veggies in a sort of stone-heated pot. No MSG, as advertised, and extremely tasty (I am a sucker for pot-bottom crunchy rice). A Korean pancake, reminiscent of Okonomiyaki, in entree.


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