A few numbers


  • BQ: 56
  • Libs: 14
  • Cons: 4
  • Ind: 1
  • Total: 75

Canada (incl. Qc)

  • Cons: 145
  • Libs: 82
  • BQ: 56
  • NDP: 25
  • Total: 308


  • Out is Anne McLennan in Edmonton Centre.
  • I'd venture to say that a few ministers in Ontario would be out too, such as Tony Valeri, and a few I don't know of in the Toronto area...
  • gg thinks that Goodale should be safe in Regina Wascana, but w/o the prospect of a ministerial status, would he be as safe?
  • Consequently, the prospect of a Conservative win, could make it a domino effect, to make the Liberal lose in a way worse than expected (choosing star candidates with chances of being in the cabinet, ousting cabinet members, and the usual if-my-neighbor-does-it). In any case, people are begging for a minority, so that's the suspense, very obviously from all the media).
  • wtf, hockey night in Canada host and commentator duo Ron McLean and Don Cherry are going to be on the CBC coverage of the election? I kid you not!


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