Canadian elections results

Well, that's it, I guess. In Quebec, I overestimated the Bloc's ability to hold on to the protest votes 'gainst the Libs in the region of Quebec, and east of it. I underestimated the NDP and Liberals, and overestimated the Conservatives. Current scores, at 11PM:

  • Cons: 123
  • Libs: 101
  • BQ: 50
  • NDP: 32
  • Ind: 1
  • Total: 307 (+1)

The independent one is a well-known (to French-speaking Quebecers, and soon, the rest of Canadians) and extremely controversial/virulent radio talk show host. If the numbers stay as they are, the NDP are going to hold the "balance of power", which is, in a parliamentary system, nb of seats to give the leading party a majority to do what they want to do in the House... Potential pairings, threesomes... I wonder if people fanfic about these things. More exciting in Canada than the US, for sure.

(Tony Valeri, and Anne McLellan lose, so I win!)

Edit: here are the final results throughout Canada:

  • Cons: 124
  • Libs: 103
  • BQ: 51
  • NDP: 29
  • Ind: 1
  • Total: 308

The most surprising result of the night, in Quebec, was probably how well the Conservatives fared. Based on the good opinion polls since New Year, most analysts agreed on the four main star candidates getting in (Verner, Cannon, Bernier and Blackburn), but then, 6 more in the area of Quebec City? Final results for the province of Quebec:

  • BQ: 51
  • Libs: 13
  • Cons: 10
  • Ind: 1
  • Total: 75


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