Cannoli from Patisserie Roma

They are death on a deep-fried pastry... If you've never had one, it's like a cannelloni, but with a dessert twist. Typically, they look like on this entry of, and are a deep-fried pastry tube, filled with a mixture of fresh cream and ricotta cheese. It is very good, especially when you've just filled for yourself a giant *mug* of espresso coffee with foamed up half&half. Along with the cheese, bourguignonne and chocolate fondue I had for my parent's belated Christmas gift yesterday, I can say I deserve to die (of a horrible cardio-vascular accident).

Those cannoli were bought by my aunt and uncle Jean and Bernard, upon recommendation from my aunt's Italian girl friend. They would be Montreal's best cannoli, but I wouldn't know, from a pastry shop called "Roma", in Little Italy, 6776 St-Laurent.


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