Saving Face

My brother and his girlfriend wanted to see Chinese lezzies on the big screen, so bought Saving Face off eBay. :D:D It's The Joy Luck Club on crack. :D:D

On a sader note, it's the second gay movie in a month and half that makes me go -> T_T So, I'll be curling up until 3PM (start time of Habs vs Flyers).

The SCMP ran an interview with Alice Wu, the director of Saving Face, when the movie came out in Asia last Spring (not sure, but it wasn't when it came out at Sundance, since that's in January...), and it left a mark on me. Stirred things up wrt my belief (perhaps void on the topic?) that 'Chinese values' == 'Chinese traditional values'. There's a world of differences, and I'm losing face just saying it, I feel. No, probably we feel it's an 'Asian/Chinese thing' to live at home until we marry (sigh) b/c it's the Asian/Chinese tradition to do so. But hello! Mentalities are evolving in China too! (Who's the father of the widowed mother's unborn baby!?) The director thinks that Overseas Chinese might feel the need to preserve their cultural identity - but they do so by preserving values that date of half-a-century (or the time at which they emigrated), while the country they left, and the one which welcomed them, evolved with time. I feel like I'm stating the obvious, now that I'm enlightened. But thoughts in the comments box are welcomed.

In any case, the movie was not about gayness, even if the director is gay, but was more a Moliere-ish (in the denouement) satire of traditional Chinese values in America (half the dialogues are in Mandarin!). A comedy with miles to go at my house parties, if I can hold on to it, b/c bro-Dave's Mel's parents (and my parents, heck), and flist alike, want it.

(I'm on crack. The movie's not on lesbians, not on Chinese, it's on LOVE, stupid. Everyone's just looking for LOVE. In any case, just read the director's note.)

Hey! Fun fact! Will Smith, the ID4-MIB-Will-Smith, is one of the co-producers of this movie.



Dee said:

Ya know, Ced...if you KIT more often, I'd remember to put you on the protected list. :P

Thanks for the reminder ;)

Now, try to KIT more than once a yr, yeah? Haha.

smurfmatic said:

Xanga pisses me off - they don't allow RSS feeds to be redistributed on user's subscriptions pages (like you can do on LJ).

But I'm still religiously reading/passing over my Xanga list, although I've not added anyone recently (unless it's change of address - or someone I find out externally that he has a Xanga too), or been particularly active on commenting either. :D

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