Reflecting upon the notion of time

I get this impression that time passes way quicker now than when I was a teenager, or even an university student. Probably would guess that it is an effect of no longer having the school year to regulate the flow of time. Remember when you were in high school and had two to three months vacation from May-June to September (or not, depending on whether your parents sent you to bootcamp)? Fair enough, now there's work, and depending on where you work, there will be milestones to achieve - but by no means is it as regular as the immuability of the school year. Unless you were educated at home, or took a sabbatical at some stage in your education (but even so, is just a sabbatical).

To me, it sounds disorienting to think in terms of "how long ago has this-that been". It has been one year and three-quarters that I'm out of university. But it has been three summers ago that I had 30 people over at my house. It has also been a remarquable six months (celebrated today!) since my plane landed in Montreal, ending an almost 5-month trip on the other face of the world. What kind of man would I be at the end of another year and three-quarters, three summers, or six months?



Dee said:

At least you refer to yourself as a man, after all you've experienced--or i'd be worried. =P

So Xangay pisses you off...and that's why you left? (Or it's just more fun having your own site? ;))

I haven't added anyone in the longest time, either. I enjoy reading just my core list.

As for protected mode...I just got tired of having a public blog to write about private matters. Haha. Also, some relatives got a hold of my xangay through my both of us have to resort to protected postings.

I'm glad I got you on the list now, so we can KIT. Can you believe we started reading each other's stuff over 3yrs ago? Where has all of the time gone?!

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