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Wee found this Sri Lankan restaurant off Victoria near Cote-Ste-Catherine metro called "Jolee" (means "joy"). I can't quite make the difference between Indian and Sri Lankan yet. And I feel almost guilty ordering butter chicken, curry or pandoori chicken, b/c it makes me feel as if I'm ordering General Tao chicken in a Chinese restaurant. So I didn't, and went with something called 'kutu roti', which is basically some meat (it was mutton), eggs, onions, and roti chopped together into a indistinguishable mess, and topped with herbs and hot peppers.

For entree, I took a plate of fried cauliflower. Wee saw bigger than his stomach, and ordered two main dishes. I was about to do the same - until I got to 1/3 of my kutu roti. Now I have lunch for tomorrow. The main dishes came in those typical metal trays (b/c it was like this at the last Indian restaurant - but I don't know whether it's really typical), with condiment-like items in each sub-compartment: a puree of yellow beans, some very spicy chick peas, and potatoes in a sauce... Now I realize that the spiciness of my main dish made me forget about tasting my food. It happens over and over, often even without an excuse, and must probably be something I should improve on: take it one bite at the time.

Anyways, incredibly cheap, just like yesterday night. It came to 25$ for both of us, tips/taxes and lunches for days to come included. But then, there was almost no meat in our dishes - minced mutton meat in mine, and a chicken thigh in his. The address is down here:


Also, due to spiciness of food, I predict whipping nightmares tonight. >_>



xw said:

omg! I just "discovered" that place recently (and I was just there tonight) when a friend of mine was ecstatic that I lived so closeby... incredibly cheap but good -- love both the kotu roti and the dosa!

what's great about eating dinner there (besides the sri lankan pop videos) is the constant stream of people coming in for pick-up orders. the place is hoppin'!

smurfmatic said:

Oh, Montreal's such a small city, eh?

But what goes un-documented on this blog (until now) was that the roti mix thingy made me terribly sick for the next day (whether it's 'cause it was too spicy or that it wasn't clean, we will never know).

But the place still deserves a thumbs up, for being so cheap, and bringing so much exotic culinary goodness.

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