Patati Patata

Walked pass by several times, as it's located on the corner of Rachel and St-Laurent, right in the way of usual summer walking routes. i find it surprising how you make the regular 'roi de la patate-ish' casse-croute look so appealing just by changing the decor, adding salads and beer on tap. Actually, the fries in julienne are really good, for the low price of $1.50 for quite a large serving. I was amazed that all and for all (a cheese burger, albeit tiny, with fries and salad, an extra serving of fries *and* a 10oz Moosehead) it was only $10.06 with the taxes. The restaurant is in fact a counter, and there are exactly 15 sitting spots.



And then, we went for another beer at Le Reservoir, on Duluth close to St-Laurent, that place I walked past by a few months ago looking for that authentic Viet restaurant called 'Harmonie d'Asie' (which was ultimately too expensive for our wallets - on top of being full house). I think the menu at Le Reservoir was also too expensive, but this time it was only for their beer. It was $4.50 for a pre-20h pint, so I had some special German-named brew which I forgot the name, and then an Ambrée de Blé, which had a strong aroma that I couldn't identify, but which I approximate to... green peppers?


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