Fantasia '06: Funky Forest

(petronia: I didn't see you after the movie. What I needed to give back was Jae's DVD. Give me a call if you're around. I'm going to the free viewing at Parc de la Paix, 9PM.)

One of the most fucked up movies ever seen at Fantasia (it's a series of nonsensical sketches - including a 2:30min "intermission", for a movie that was actually quite long - 150mins). Of course, for a Fantasia movie to be fucked, it really needs to be fucked up. Pour la suite des choses had an interview with Marc Lamothe of Fantasia (I think I recognize him as the articulate diction dude who does intros and appeases the crowd when shit happens). He kept on interrupting the host, but still interesting. Really, the morning show at R-C is now just La Revanche des Nerdz in disguise. Don't know how I'll cope when the 50-something host comes back in the Fall.


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