Fantasia '06: Kamikaze Girls (outdoor special)

Hot and humid days make me nostalgic, obviously. Is not at all unpleasant, after you had been immunized with S'pore weather carrying a 50lbs backpack and eating full of "yeet-hei" inducing fruits.

Kamikaze Girls, first Fantasia film presented outdoors. It played last year at Fantasia, and came out in select cinemas in HK where I had so much free time in June that I should've gone to see it. I don't know why I never. It must be the 104th time I recount this personal anecdote on Kamikaze Girls.

The normal hang-outers of the Parc de la Paix must have been baffled with the presentation of this feature full of Japanese subculture, and shown in original dub (with subtitles). One must understand that Parc de la Paix, right outside of the SAT, is at the border between Chinatown and red-light district Montreal PQ, where skateborders, homeless folks like to hang out (and just two blocks away from where the Just For Laughs festival was going on strong, with peeps lining up around the corner for the Club Soda). Quite unexpected to have a Japanese movie, and such Japanese movie shown in open air like this. I am wordless, except for the occasional motorcycles vrooming around the block at exactly the same time when the in-movie-characters jumped on their scooters, fought with baddies. XD (And tomorrow, wut, they're showing Goldorak eps?)

Went there alone, but again, being by yourself at Fantasia is never true. I've often sat between people who came by themselves - it must really tell something about the Fantasia crowd (or any movie festival crowd - did you know we had twenty-something movie fests in freakin' Montreal?).


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