Fantasia '06 (intermission)

I was going to say that The Maid was the best movie so far, but I can now say that I was far more entertained with Funky Forest (aka Nice no Mori, ナイスの森).

I have been trying to look for the soundtrack, but I can't parse Japanese, and I don't feel like doing clever searches with kanjis. The cute song sang in Chinese really really sticks to me. The electro too, but the cute Chinese song really really really sticks. It's got elements of Jamaican/Hawaiian music, with Chinese vocals. Bao zhe ni, something like that. Download the trailer, or let the webpage role for a while, and the song will be played in full. (It's 'qing qing bao bao ni')

I think I'm buying the DVD - in my Yesasia cart. Will decide tomorrow, when in a diff state of mind. Now I can't think straight anymore.


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