Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue
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A few years ago, my father discovered such thing as beef tongue, apparently a French recipe, generally cooked for hours. And of course, he was preparing it for the family (my mother's family, which is more numerous in Mtl), and ever since, it's become a perennial meal for such occasions as my grandmother's or grandfather's birthdays. We, the "kids", find it extremely erk-*bites tongue*, so won't go farther than a bite. The meat is tender, and etc, but tongue, hmm.

Basically, my father is a resourceful improviser, and has been a monumental inspiration for my cooking endeavors. My mother's not bad at inventing things either, especially since she's got more time just working part-time, but it is usually my father who steals the show at family gatherings. My latest attempt, last month, which I think went undocumented so far, was so for a very good reason (I went to play Civ4 and it burnt - so instead of a "Spanish-style lemon chicken with lots of veggies", it became a ... chicken stew with an aroma of something burnt XD), but the family likes the perpetuate the myth that I can cook (and that my brother can talk). It's a reputation that I like to have, but I suspect it wouldn't hold the road, or at least would be seriously tested if cooking was a daily thing one has to do, versus being just the casually fun activity. One does need some interest in eating for eating.


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