FFM 2006: Daisy

Met up with astrael for Daisy, a Korean flick by a HK director shot entirely in the Netherlands. Had this concept going since Fantasia that I'd talk about anything but the movie, b/c I don't trust in my movie critiquing skills - so far, I can say stuff such as "this movie lacks rhythm" or "yeah, it kinda does rip off that other film". So yeah.

Today was an extremely beautiful day. While I only probably sat my whole day indoors, it was really really nice, I thought, to be downtown for once (we have a new client, and they happen to have their offices downtown). I will probably take full days downtown - which seriously diversifies my work experience. All is so very positive.

And then the movie, that plays in normal Korean drama levels, even if I've never watched an actual single Korean drama. Some people sitting to our front right kept laughing at particularly indeed laughable scenes. A person even went talking on his/her cell phone during the freakin' movie. It was not bad... but if you've seen Infernal Affairs, and are familiar with Korean teargas films, then you've actually already seen Daisy. Jun Ji-hyun is very very plastic-surgically cute. After coming home and sitting down to write this, I think she and male protagonists were seriously hitting on my nerves, which can explain why I kept on grimacing near the end of the movie (it suffered from what Spielberg's A.I. notoriously suffered of, I think).

Go see it, b/c it's pan-Asian (Putonghua-speaking Netherlands-based gangsters!), and has pretty faces. Plays again, this Saturday (Imperial - 2:00PM) and Sunday (Quartier Latin - 12:20PM). And their website still sucks very much.

Notes: Movie score by Shigeru Umebayashi, of 2046 / In The Mood For Love. I believe it was a Canadian premiere.


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