Conveyor Belt Sushi in Montreal: Fusion Sushi

Went to try out Fusion Sushi, that conveyor belt place discovered by thericebowl. The lady said that they opened some two months ago, which was prior to the last time I walked past it to get a computer component from a shop nearby. At that time, I didn't think it had the conveyor belt, and was a rather anonymous Japanese restaurant (which, for some reason, I subconsciously believed that it was owned by Cantonese people - and it was - but then, what's the proportion of Asian restaurants actually owned by Cantonese-speaking people?).

The sushi was pretty ordinary. Not bad, but just very ordinary. Many of the makis we had lacked tightness. There was a selection of those mixed makis, like California, spicy salmon, soft-shell crab, and tempura shrimp. They didn't use tempura flakes, but rather puffed rice. For some reason, I thought that the quality is decent, given that it was a conveyor belt sushi, b/c Genki Sushi, the Asian chain of conveyor belt sushi, made me used to sub-par sushi (with pre-cut fish, and machine-produced rice balls - which wasn't the case at Fusion).

The patronage was extremely fobby. Fobby Taiwanese facing us, fobby Mainlandese on one side, fobby HKese on the other, and us, the odd ethnic Chinese Malaysian / CBC-or-QBC duo pretending to be fobby, and then the French-speaking FOBs who arrived after we were done with our respective tenth plate.

(The specialty of the house is a "pizza sushi", which is crab meat, tobiko, and J-mayo, on a fried rice cake - not so different from the idea I make of Taiwan's McRice)

Next to the Subway's, on Lincoln Street, that small street perpendicular w/ Guy, between De Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke. Opening special, for $2 a plate (the sign wasn't there last week, I think). Alternatively, there's a $23 buffet on Saturdays.


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