Food food, why do you have to keep me awake at night?

So, it was either Rockaberry's, or I suspect, the Chinese food I ingested before going to Rockaberry's. For some reason (nostalgia of HK), I like going to restaurants to order cold cuts served on rice. It's not something I've done awful lot here (twice), but it'd be one of those default meals (w/ Japanese noodles at Ajisen) I'd take when my imaginations ran dry, and my guts for jumping into a new restaurant by myself lacked seriously.

For some reason, I imagined Rockaberry's to be shinier - especially from pictures - but the impression I got was "sticky table sides", as I sat there killing time before the other guests arrived. And when they did, there was an awful lot of catching up, and random chatter, around over-sweet desserts. Tania had the Rockaberry Special, which is, to me, a big ball of cream. Sabina had the Toblerone cake/mousse, which was also a big ball of cream too, but sitting on a cake containing bits of molten re-hardened Toblerone chocolate. Talal was sitting at the opposite edge of the table (for four), so I neglected to ask/try what he had (the last time he was there, he mentionned that the Mille-feuille had none of the layers that Mille-feuilles would usually have, plus, you guessed it, way too much cream).

Very sweet desserts aren't my cup of tea, and the milk I ordered did nothing at all to help dampen the sweetness. My favourite cake is a strawberry shortcake that the bakery near my house (Privilege) makes. I will most probably order one for my birthday, which I plan to celebrate a half-week in advance, per cause of various friends' departures from town the weekend that's half a week downstream.

I woke up several times during the night, with symptoms usually attributed to spicy stuff or an intensely garlicky or oniony meal. It's 7:30AM, almost, and I so want to go back to bed...


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