Chinese indie - most recent YesAsia shipment...

Chinese indie - most recent YesAsia shipment

Both the peppermint and wonfu are excellent in their own way, and I just realized (again) that I already had the SodaGreen album in my mp3 collection (under its Chinese band name, that is...). Chris of also lent me a bunch of his Chinese indie (or not) music CDs, which include offerings by Ivana Wong, Good Morning Gloria, Edmund Leung, and The Marshmallow Kisses, aniDa, Adrian Chan, inLove and 嘉琳 on a neat-looking sampler released by Mackie Study called invisible cities journeys. My motto is that if you look, you will find (identically: if you build it, they will come).

Wonfu is perhaps very Pizzicato Five ish, but it goes without saying that it is a generalization, and that Wonfu just typically makes very upbeat music with overtones from a bygone musical era. Peppermint, on the other hand, can be qualified as your typical alternative punk rock band with ingénue vocals.


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