Radio-Canada's new audio-video zone: ActiveX required

Apparently, has a new section with multimedia contents... I say "apparently", because it uses ActiveX to deliver the contents, and I can't access it with Firefox! What a choice of web technology, when Flash has become a dominant format for video contents, thanks to Youtube, and while other alternatives like the mix of embedded WMV/QT used by the CBC (R-C's English-language counterpart), or RM/QT used by the Beeb. It's a long way from using an open standard for multimedia (I don't think OGG really caught up), but at least don't try to go in the opposite direction...

There is a webpage for distraught Firefox users, and there is nonetheless an ActiveX plugin for Firefox, but only up to version 1.5. Widespread adoption of Microsoft technology within R-C (even compared with their anglo counterparts) really stirs a lot of incomprehension inside me. Shouldn't a state-funded body try to be a little more independent from big software companies, or be a leader in adopting and promoting new technology standards?


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