Moving into our new flat


Moving from the West Island to where I am, literally the heart of Montreal, a block away from Parc Jeanne-Mance (otherwise known as the "Tam-Tams"), at the confluence of at least five bus lines, must definitely be a life-changing experience.

I slept my first night last Friday, slightly tipsy from the white beer that I had with friends nearby. To tell the truth, I'm still a little bit dizzy since then (and fighting a cold too). The owners of the flat were moving out during the weekend, while we, myself and two marvelous roommates, were slowly, but surely, moving in. It's a wonder that none of our boxes got mixed up.

Finally, on Monday, we had our first "alone night". Naturally, I spent all my time on finding a place for the home server which, among other things, allows to run. I also biked to work on that day. Easy in the morning, hell on wheels in the evening (it's probably much easier without a laptop and half a sack of groceries from Chinatown).

Tonight, I setup a computer for the closet. It's just kinda awesome, I think, to be able to plant a working computer into a closet. Other than that, I lived urban life to the fullest, and went, on the same nocturnal bike ride at around 10PM, to 1- pick up stuff at the pharmacy, 2- pick tickets from tomorrow's Sala Rossa concert, 3- get money from the bank, 4- drop by a Starbucks to see if they sell water bottles, and 5- buy St-Viateur bagels for breakfast. This absolutely summarizes how good fortune can shine upon you.


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