EastSouthWestNorth and Lust, Caution

As some of you may know, Ang Lee's latest film Lust, Caution, premiered at Venice, and was also shown at Toronto (and then, we hope, at Montreal's next film festival of the season, the Nouveau Cinema Festival). The side story that we might be interested in is that the book on which the movie was based on was written by Eileen Chang, who is a family friend of Roland Soong, otherwise known as the blogger behind the ever excellent EastSouthWestNorth. Lust, Caution comes out in less than a week, and Soong happens to be the administrator of the Eileen Chang literary estate, strangely enough reposted Chinese-only articles on the possibility that Chang based her story on real people, and real world circumstances. Also, a translated review of Lust, Caution, and perhaps its inspiration.


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