Flickr with stats, finally

Yesterday, Yahoo! finally decided to release a statistics page for Flickr pro users. If you want your stats for Flickr, you must go to in order to activate them. It must be a very tough job, computationally-speaking, to keep track of all clicks for every single one of your thousands of photos - even YouTube keeps only a minimal trace of how users get to a video page... But seriously, as the ad says, I am thrilled, because I can now determine how people find my photos. :)


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El Kayakista said:

this is how i came about your site/photos.

i was doing a search for red light districts, then i came across of few smut sites and i clicked out of it. did a google search for hookers and clicked on 3-4 links or so and i accidently came across your site in regards to hookers and linking up to different 3 sites. go figure huh?!


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