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Ready to burst

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Ready to burst

Taken at my parents' home.

Chinatown Montreal - 2008-03-11

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Ruby Rouge - Quartier Chinois de Montréal

Went to Chinatown after work yesterday to do my groceries, and took pictures of businesses over there.

Japan Spring 2005 Pictures

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Shinjuku Gyoen 新宿御苑

I finished compiling pictures of my 2005 trip to Japan, and this is what it gives:

(Unfortunately, there is also almost 600 pictures to look at!)

Shopping on Boxing Day

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Asia 2002 pictures

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Tokyo 2002

Because it's the Holidays, one has the tendency to do stuff that he might not be doing during the rest of the year. In previous years, I've done such things as play video games 24/7, or install Linux for the first time while skipping a family dinner. This year is no different, and I've been passing my old 2002 pictures of my first trip to Asia, specifically Hong Kong, Tokyo, the Shanghai region and Beijing (pics not up yet). I've been playing with levels in photo editor software, which is Gimp, in my case, and it has been doing marvels to make my pictures more colourful.

Just another Montreal snow storm

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Snow plow

Au Québec et en Ontario, les accumulations seront en moyenne de 20 à 30 centimètres de neige d'ici lundi. Certaines régions pourraient toutefois recevoir plus de 50 centimètres de neige. Le tout est accompagné de fortes rafales. (Radio-Canada)

A massive blizzard that slammed into Ontario and Quebec, dumping mounds of snow, disrupting air travel and causing treacherous driving conditions, was expected to hit the Atlantic provinces next. [...] The storm left up to 30 centimetres of snow in parts of Ontario and 60 centimetres in some parts of Quebec. (CBC)

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Flickr with stats, finally

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Yesterday, Yahoo! finally decided to release a statistics page for Flickr pro users. If you want your stats for Flickr, you must go to in order to activate them. It must be a very tough job, computationally-speaking, to keep track of all clicks for every single one of your thousands of photos - even YouTube keeps only a minimal trace of how users get to a video page... But seriously, as the ad says, I am thrilled, because I can now determine how people find my photos. :)

New York's Chinatown in Montreal

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One Way

Upon reading Chris' article about Montreal Chinatown's sudden metamorphosis for a movie called "Baja" (say the signs, but Chris mentions it is something called "The Punisher" instead), I was obliged to go take a look for myself. Indeed, the change is very amusing, as most store names remained the same, except for a brand new dim sum place called "Imperial". It was like an alternate reality where Quebec language laws did not exist!

At the corner of the virtual Eldridge & Grand (De la Gauchetière & St-Laurent) stood a newsstand typical of New York City. It turns out that one of my favourite eats in NYC, one random dirt-cheap dumplings house, is within a block of the real Eldridge and Grand.

They also shot at Église St-Pierre-Apôtre, corner of La Visitation and René-Lévesque, shining huge projector lights into the church's stained glass windows.

Wah Fung / Pho Cali
The "City of New York" pole marks where reality starts and ends

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On that day, I went out and took pictures, on a relatively cold, but sunny Saturday of December. Then, we met at the march for Kyoto, bought a Nintendo DS, went home and made orange/lemon chicken.

Dans l'allée deux

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Waiting in line at Supermarché PA, Avenue du Parc, can be long and frustrating, but never boring with a camera...

Before and after the storm...

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A huge snow storm blanketed Montreal with a thick layer of snow (28cm during the past 24 hours, to be exact, which beats a record for a 3rd of December). In anticipation for the snowfall, I took a bunch of "before and after" pictures around the area where I live. The before pics were taken on Sunday, December 2nd at around 3:30PM and the after pics were taken on Monday at 11AM.

Rue Villeneuve Rue Villeneuve
Cars parked, rue Villeneuve, near Avenue du Parc, looking west (map)

Darfour / Darfur Darfour sous la neige
Rue Villeneuve, closer to Parc, looking west (map)

Hour, Mirror, Postes Canada Hour, Mirror, Postes Canada, et neige
Hour, Mirror, Postes Canada, corner of Villeneuve and Du Parc

Coureur sur Rue Jeanne-Mance Coureurs sur la rue Villeneuve
Runners on Villeneuve on Jeanne-Mance (map)

IMG_3566 Ruelle off Rue Jeanne-Mance
An alleyway off Jeanne-Mance, between Villeneuve and St-Joseph (map)

Boulevard St-Joseph jaune Boulevard St-Joseph
Boulevard St-Joseph and Rue Jeanne-Mance (map)

This article was originally published in French on Spacing Montréal, a magazine on urban public space.

Un festival de feux jaunes

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Avenue Laurier jaune

Si Cartier avait navigué / À l'envers de l'été

Il faisait drôlement doux pour un 21 octobre. The Indian Summer came late, and the wind blowing on Montrealers' faces today was surprisingly warm, comfortable. Along the way, I discovered an Asian snacks shop near Concordia, on De Maisonneuve close to St-Mathieu, below Tapioca Café, and formerly a comic books shop, that hides behind a nondescript "Dépanneur" sign. The sign above actually points to the existence of veritable Sichuan (Szechuan) food, which could be served at the place that is/was Tapioca Cafe, say some of my friends who have been recently. It has yet to be tried and integrated into Métro Boulot Resto, if deemed worthy.

Monument to Georges-Étienne Cartier

It was indeed a really really nice day. Once more tomorrow, and it's "see you next year, summertime!".


Sunday's Bleating Hearts Show was at McGill University beautiful Birks Building's chapel. On the picture is the band Clues (Alden Penner, Brendan Reed, Bethany Or) sound checking right before the show.

China September 2007 trip

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9.05.07 - BEIJING

My parents were in China for the whole month, and my father was in China for the first time since getting married (and that was just in HK). The cover pic (more below) was taken at the Forbidden City.

New York City - seen from Newark, NJ

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9.04.07 - NY 002

New York City, from Newark International Airport. Photo taken by Jean-Pierre Sam on September 3rd, 2007

Pointe-Claire - 2007/09/15

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Laine and Chris (and Cedric) are doing Pointe-Claire!

Chinatown - 2007/09/09

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China 2007: Beijing + Shanghai

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I was not in China this year, and probably won't be back for some time, but my parents are currently there, and I could not help but post some of my father's pics (chosen so that they aren't of temples or other boring stuffs).

Shanghai: lining up at the gas station Shanghai: lining up at the gas station

Cantons-de-l'Est (Labour Day 2007)

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Went to Magog, Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, Knowlton (Lac Brome) and Cowansville, in the Eastern Townships.

A blue jay picking on a wasp nest

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As we went out, we noticed a blue jay in the maple tree in front of our house. It was hammering on something, and it took us a bit to realize that it was in fact picking on a wasp nest, no less! My mother had been wondering where those wasps came from - we had infestations below the front porch, and even once, between the ceiling and 2nd floor right under my father's bedside table (where they indeed did quite some damage, leaving a mark on the wood, which we saw firsthand last year, as we were renovating).

Blue jay guarding its lunch, on our frontyard

Mont St-Hilaire

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McGill has chalets for rent at Mont St-Hilaire, an hour ride from Montreal into the Eastern Townships. We went there for a friend of a friend's birthday party.

Clouds, grain elevator

Flickr Pro, here I am

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I just bought a Flickr Pro account, and all my old sets (despite removing all pics from them, and deleting them) automagically reappeared.

My Flickr:

Geese on the fairway

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Geese on the fairway

(My father took this picture on last Sunday afternoon, at the Dorval golf course.)

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