Student life at U of T

Wokking On Wheels

My main purpose in Toronto being the Reel Asian International Film Festival (review on CLC to come), I spent most of my time in downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto campus, where the fest was held.

The friends who accompanied me happened to be U of T alum or quasi-alum, and brought me to the various eating places, drinking holes scattered around the neighbourhood...

The first picture here above is that of a Chinese food truck regularly parked on St. George, a street that crosses the campus.

Pizza Papa Ceo & Pizza Cora

Following are the two pizza places on Spadina's west side between Harbord and Sussex. I tried Cora's pizza: 4$ for a quarter of a pizza, thus the expected price of 2$ per slice masqueraded as a two for one.

The Green Room

Last but not least, a bar accessible through some back alley that gives on a parking lot named the Green Room, a cousin of its red namesake. Plays quite some generic indie rock music, and is quite your regular student pub.


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