The upcoming week in (Chinese) food

Fried baby bok choy

It's a new wave of food obsession which started in Toronto (see these posts). Of course besides the craving for warm food for the weather, like mac 'n cheese - and I'll attempt to be fine bouche in my choice of (Cheddar) cheese, I am also looking at the Chinese dishes that I can make easily and well.

How about a stir-fry to start things up? I have a bag of bamboo shoots, written in Japanese characters all over, but with the noticeable characters for "China". If I get some pork for mincing and throw in some scallions, this would make a delicious stir-fry.

I also have some bok choy left in the back of the fridge from my veggie buying spree (despite that they do not vary much in quality nor price with Montreal's supply). Not the nappa or Shanghai type, but just the bok choy. In fact, the explanation of this nomenclature on Wikipedia is quite priceless. I could fry them with lots and lots of garlic, peanut oil and salt. It's how I like it - pure, with some bak fan (plain rice). If I need a meat dish, I can have the pork that I would use for some Chinese soup mix.

Hm, my grandma also gave me frozen tilapia slices. When she said fish, I thought she meant codfish or haddock. But tilapia is fine too - although the seng mei is more intense / hard to get rid of. Grandma suggested to fry some gai lan (or was it just choy sum?) on the side, and then the fish along with the quintessence of Chinese flavours, green onions and ginger. Adding the corn starch for a sauce.


White cut chicken, which the Hongkongers call bak chit gai, but which we Overseas Chinese rather call bak zam gai, is also a dish that needs salvaging from parents' recipe. It read that you don't actually let the water boil when cooking the chicken, but rather let the residual heat do the job. Well, also, one day I'll be able to make a zui gai (zui ji, drunken chicken) that's acceptably the same thing as the thing they serve you in restaurants. Oh yeah, and maybe a Hainan chicken qui a de l'allure.


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