How to digest getting laid off by the CBC?

CBC/Radio-Canada announced some 800 job cuts this morning. Of those, 335 affected French services. Of those, they said 9 of them would affect, perhaps the largest French-language media website in the country. And one of those nine jobs turned out to be my position. =(

If you are looking to hire an IT specialist, with experience and a special interest in developing new means of communicating information, then here's my CV:

I've done a few interesting things while I was there and learned a few technical things (rich Javascript apps, GIS) and a few more intangible things (working under pressure, working with real professionals). Great deal of stuff that I still want to do.

While I'm preparing to live on sprouted beans, ground pork and rice for the next few weeks, I'm also going to give my self-made projects a few more days of work before launching. I've really become obsessed with maps and other renderings of statistical data into something graphically appealing. The technical side is absolutely fascinating - the editorial one is even more so. Anyways, it's just talk for now. Stay tuned, then!


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