Japan Itinerary

Too lazy to transcribe:


  • Mar 25-26: Tokyo. 7PM train to Iwate.
  • Mar 27: A day in countryside Japan, Murone.
  • Mar 28: Sendai (some city in North), then train back to Tokyo.
  • Mar 29-30: Tokyo.
  • Mar 31: Train to West. Morn/aft in Hiroshima, evening in Fukuoka (stay in Hakata/Fukuoka YH "Skycourt Hakata").
  • Apr 1: Train to South. Nagasaki, and elsewhere if time. Return to hostel in Fukuoka.
  • Apr 2: Train towards East. Stay in Osaka, at the newly opened Shin Osaka YH.
  • Apr 3-4: Nara, Kyoto, these area. Still at hostel in Osaka.
  • Apr 5: World Expo in Nagoya!
  • Apr 6-8: Tokyo last days...


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