A base of Hong Kong, with a drop of Malaysia, serve topped with Japan

I am about to go out. It's a bad habit to wake up at 11AM and then leave the house at 3PM.

I'm back in Hong Kong, finally, after two weeks trekking outside of the SAR. It's good to be "home", but I am still one or two levels below that stupid "am I home" recursion. What is home? HK? Surely not Japan. Montreal it's pretty sure. Well, no doubt it's Montreal, I mean, I am not that cuckoo. It's hard to declare myself homesick, because it isn't really that. I am enjoying HK a lot. I have time, and live HK like a Hongker (most of the time - when I'm not at the Arts Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui). So I even bought tickets in the HKD200 section for the Karen Mok show on Friday at the HK Stadium. Not a biggest fan of Cantopop, but Karen certainly feels more "indie" than, say, Joey, Kelly, and the rest of the troupe. And besides, I wanted to see what a HK show was like, for never watching any of those karaoke DVDs (actually I did, the Stefanie Sun one :D).

Yes. Well. Besides that, HK has been hot as usual. It might fall to the 10-15 during the winter, but as soon as summer hits, it rarely changes from its 28-32 standpoint. I do enjoy the climate, the humidity and everything, but only because the ubiquity of air-con makes it so much more bearable. It's also because of how close buildings are from each other, as opposed to in Singapore or KL. Walk in the streets, and you will feel the air-con blowing out from the shops (usually the pricier ones, like jewelry boutiques - I guess it's just another way to attract customers - like the CD/VCD/DVD shops have this annoying dude-announcer bombarding passerbys with "cheap CD/VCD/DVD, not expensive, 10 dollars each, come by and choose and look" -start loop again-).

There's a ton of things I want to do in Hong Kong, for sure, let's not waste one's time... I am a bit taken aback by my propensity to live "by the moment", and at this moment, I feel like completing a blog entry and posting the summary of Singapore and Malaysia. But I guess that will never come, so just click on the right-hand side icon that I haven't designed for nothing. :D


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