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(Another day in Hong Kong)

When doing the classifying of my entry into categories, all the entries about/in HK fall under the parent category "Asia 2005).

Crossing on Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay, I feel like repeating myself, but this is freaking Times Square for Hong Kong. There's a shopping center called Times Square nearby, totally unrelated. It's great, 19% of Hongkongers think it's the greatest mall.

Another evening picture of Causeway Bay.
Symptomatic of what the few last days have been like... It's like, I'd rather stay in HK and do things as if I were home. But then, I must force myself to attend things or go to places I'll probably never come back to for many years. Of course, I say that, and two years after, I'm back, tada. Not this time I guess. So there you go, this was a June 4th vigil in memorandum of the massacre 16 years ago. I was sitting in the middle, straight ahead, near people who got interviewed and stuff, but got bored of the inaudible chantings and yelling in Cantonese. But like many Chinese, or heck, overseas Chinese, I don't exactly know what happened, and tend to think that to be greater, the Chinese govt should democratize, open up to more voices. But I also think that as long as there's economic prosperity and somewhat of better life for the average citizen, then all is good. I don't know what to think otherwise (other than, China is like its pop culture). I just like the Chinese nation, but I dislike the political system, and they're things totally conditionned by my North American education. I do think that Wen Jiabao is cool-looking, and that Hu Jintao is, well, an engineer...


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