Fifteen tenths of a second of fame

On the third or fourth shot from the video of this BBC news feed. I am dressed in orange, sporting spiked hairdo, reading my newspaper (HK Magazine, so either it was the interview with dissident Wuer Kaixi, or the "relationships" column in the classified - and most likely the latter ^^;).

Politics is like a spectators sport to me. This is like Game 2 of the Great Democracy championship. You can't or won't know what team I was cheering for. Or rather, as a Canadian, it's like getting tickets for a game between teams which are neither your home team.


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tenzin said:

good stuff, ced. ur blog is, as always, interesting to keep u with. think i'll keep a nice blog specially for my asia2006 trip. any plans for you to goto asia next summer?

Cedric Sam said:


Well, I would, but then it's like abusing of the good things...



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