Happy Canada D'eh!

The problem was that it was raining. Apparently 12,000 people gathered for the same party last year, which I suspect was helped in its attendance numbers by the fact the next day is HK SAR Establishment Day, a public holiday ^^. Anyways.

In the rain, me accompanied by my new friend, the hat from Western Canada that has nothing to do with Ontario/Quebec Canada. But still from the Canada we all like. <3

Lan Kwai Fong celebrating Canada D'eh. The organisers, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, is the largest foreign Chamber of Commerce here, and probably one of the largest Canadian-run ones outside of Canada.

Promoting Sunday portable phones? Sure... of course I would want one... if I didn't already own one.

Littering Lan Kwai Fong, but a full bottle is nowhere to be found. Actually, yes, but at 38HKD (6CAD). :P

(The rest of the pics. The videos have their filename link without a "raw" attached to it.)


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