Ouch & the property market in HK

My brother and cousins are all excited (even if they discard it as potentially boring) about Egypt. I am too, in a sense. dot-dot-dot. Ok, not really, I am not excited. Being in vacation for three months makes you feel desensitized about just anything supposedly "fun". I hope it's going to be just seeing them all (family, cousins, aunts, uncles, gramps) for a get-together, rather than the beginning of the end. The prospect of being based in Hong Kong rather than Montreal still exists. I don't know whether I should be excited about it or not. I guess life is an adventure, and Montreal has been an anti-adventure, thus why I like HK so much. It's a psychological simulation, I know things don't need to be that way.

Monopoly, Hong Kong Edition

I'm bringing this to Egypt. And the picture could spawn an entry on the cut-throat property market... The kids in suit selling flats on the side of Tai Hang Road? Their numbers doubled during the weekend (imagine a mountain-side Tour de France stage, but with cars instead of the bikes, and, err, young men and women in suit as crowd?), they were there under the noon sun; well, they were still there at 9PM... _O_ Things like that make me think people really take it too easy in North America...

Want a flat? Starting at CAD2.5million. :P

Not waiting for the bus.

(The rest of today's pics, as I strolled to the East end of HK Island)

View of Tseung Kwan O across the Harbour from Lei Yue Mun Headland on HK Island.

There are those areas like Chai Wan, to the East end of the HK Island, where you see the effects of manufacturing plants moving to the Mainland, exodus started 15 years ago. Either that, or it's really a dormitory town, but I suspect the former evaluation was accurate. A lot of space, ivory high-rises that haven't been repainted for several years, perhaps decades, teens playing basketball, vast expanses of empty concrete, baroque shopping malls, and nothing much else around. Another facet of HK, which has nothing to do with Causeway Bay or Central.


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